With efficiencies as high as 98% and reduced carbon and NOx emissions, the MAXXflo EVO 150 and MAXXflo EVO Lite condensing water heaters offer a sustainable, high-performance solution for all commercial hot water applications, the company says.

According to Andrews Water Heaters, the design of the MAXXflo EVO is unlike any other commercial condensing gas-fired water heater, with a unique configuration of all stainless-steel burners, heat exchangers and cylinders for maximum efficiency, efficient use of plant room space, and straightforward maintenance. 

The new MAXXflo EVO 150 delivers the same performance as the current MAXXflo EVO family, but with a larger output of 150kW. With integral twin heat exchangers, tank capacity of 300 litres and a high recovery rate of 2,572 l/hr, it meets the most demanding commercial requirements in a compact footprint.  

Service flexibility and built-in redundancy have been factored into the design to ensure an uninterrupted supply of hot water, while remote monitoring and control options maximise efficient energy consumption and maintenance efficiency.  

Jess Leeson, Segment Manager at Baxi Commercial Solutions, which owns Andrews Water Heaters, explained: “Both the original MAXXflo EVO and the new 150 model have independent service valves and pressure sensors on each heat exchanger to minimise downtime for customers. They also have Correx anodes, easy access hatches and connection locations for reduced maintenance.” 

Safety has been addressed with full anti-legionella functions supplied as standard. Onboard controls operate a legionella cycle to ensure that the whole system is brought up to pasteurisation temperature by monitoring the secondary return temperatures. 

Like the MAXXflo EVO 150, the new MAXXflo EVO Lite has been designed to meet industry requirements for energy-efficient operation. It is available in four models with lower outputs of 15kW, 25kW, 35kW and 45kW, 200 litre storage and recovery rates of 232 l/hr to 695 l/hr. 

With stainless steel heat exchanger tubes, low NOx cold burner door, and a Bluejet burner, the MAXXflo EVO Lite delivers energy saving, cost effective operation to help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.  

The integral high efficiency ErP A-rated pump improves operating efficiency with greater temperature control and reduced stratification. There is also the option to include additional features, including remote control and monitoring, an anti-vacuum valve, castor set and clip-in expansion module, for added budget flexibility.   

All MAXXflo EVO and MAXXflo EVO Lite models are available in both natural gas and LPG options for installation in off gas grid areas. They are supplied with Siemens controls that enable full control of the burner with accurate charging of the integral tank and greater temperature control. Live data, setting and history can be accessed via the user-friendly, multi-line LCD graphical display.  

From 15 June, the new minimum heat generator seasonal efficiency for direct-fired water heaters will increase to 91% (GCV) for natural gas and to 92% for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).  

The uplift, as outlined in Part L of Building Regulations, will begin the phase out of non-condensing water heaters in favour of more efficient condensing appliances. The changes are part of the government’s roadmap to improve the energy efficiency of existing non-domestic buildings and help the UK move towards its net zero target by 2050.  

“The new standards will effectively rule out the current option for like-for-like non-condensing water heater replacements in the vast majority of buildings,” said Leeson. “We wanted to ensure that our customers have a fully compliant solution for every commercial requirement.

“We believe we’ve done just that with the addition of our new high specification MAXXflo EVO 150 and MAXXflo EVO Lite to our existing condensing water heater range.” 

“Specifiers, contractors and facilities managers can be assured of a highly efficient, highly effective, easily maintained and fully compliant solution to more sustainable hot water delivery.”  

The MAXXflo EVO Lite and MAXXflo EVO 150 are already available for specification and to purchase from 30 May 2022.