Aico has announced the release of two new models of its HomeLINK Environmental Sensors. Designed to create better-maintained, healthier, energy-efficient homes, the new sensors can monitor temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

The Ei1020 measures temperature and humidity, while the Ei1025 measures temperature, humidity and CO2. They can both be linked to Aico’s Ei1000G SmartLINK Gateway, which, thanks to advanced machine learning technology, constantly interprets the data it receives to provide clear, actionable insights displayed via the HomeLINK dashboard.

The dashboard provides detailed property and portfolio views, and is designed for multiple user roles. It presents the data by high, medium and low risk. Top-level data can be viewed on the main dashboard, while deeper insights can also be accessed to tackle specific problems, maintain compliance, and enable preventative strategies. 

This enables landlords to adhere to their legal requirements, such as the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, and the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing, but residents can also access the information via the HomeLINK Resident App.

Specifically designed for the Environmental Sensors, the app provides residents with personalised, user friendly data and insight into their home health, and advice on the measures they can take to improve the quality of their home, including alarm testing notifications.

Aico’s Managing Director Neal Hooper commented: “As the European leader in home life safety, it is vital that we innovate to drive the UK housing industry forwards, meeting the needs of our customers in novel ways, aligning with sustainability and net-zero targets, with resident engagement and wellbeing at the fore.

“This is exactly what our HomeLINK Environmental Sensors will do. Alongside our SmartLINK Gateway, our Environmental Sensors will support in the advancement of the connected home, providing a wealth of benefits to landlords and residents alike.”

Chris Jones, Chief Executive Officer of HomeLINK, said of the launch: "Prior to our acquisition by Aico, HomeLINK had huge demand for Environmental Sensors due to the obvious and sizeable compliance and maintenance business case they presented.

“As Aico's first smart home product outside of smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms, these sensors represent a large milestone. Having already connected 65,000 devices in UK social housing, and with backorders of several thousand of the new sensors, it is clear that Internet of Things technologies have truly taken hold in the sector."