Changes to the Energy Labelling Directive intended to help consumers make informed choices on solid fuel appliances present an opportunity for engineers to speak to homeowners about CO safety.

Adrian Keats of Honeywell’s Home Safety Business believes solid fuel engineers should be recommending CO alarms every time they fit or service an appliance.

Adrian said: “Solid fuel appliances such as log burners have become increasingly trendy in the UK in recent years but many households are not aware that they should always be accompanied by a CO alarm sited in the same room.”

According to Adrian’s statistics, many homeowners simply are not aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning also that more than half of homes do not have a carbon monoxide alarm installed at all.

Adrian continues: “Carbon monoxide is a silent killer so it’s important that installers and engineers talk to their customers about the need for a high quality sealed CO alarm, particularly when they are installing equipment such as solid fuel appliances.

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