Building on ATAG’s reputation for build quality and efficiency, the company says, the Series 3 features innovative flow control technology that the manufacturer claims can save up to 5% on annual energy bills and increase the lifespan of the boiler by minimising cycling.

The company’s faith in the quality and reliability of the product has allowed them to improve their current warranty offer with a headline 18 year warranty offered when bought in conjunction with a complete care pack – water treatment pack and controller. The standard warranty will be increased from the current 10 years to 12.

Simon Parkinson, Marketing Director at ATAG Heating Technology UK, said: “We believe so strongly in the quality of the product that we have put our money where our mouth is and offered an industry disrupting warranty offer. Homeowners will be thrilled to have the peace of mind our warranties offer, and we expect this to give ATAG installers a real competitive advantage.”

The benefits of the new boiler and warranty proposition include:

  • Advanced flow control technology that uses system resistance to manage flow rates, minimising cycling, and maximising condensing to increase reliability and efficiency
  • Up to 5% reduction in energy usage for homeowners – compared with current models
  • Up to 18 years peace of mind for customers with no unplanned maintenance costs
  • Additional service work available for installers to maintain the customer’s warranty.

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