If you aim to increase profit from your plumbing and heating business and still get more time for the better things in life, then using job management software stands out as one of the most effective strategies you could implement in the running of your business. Here are 10 reasons for using job management software in your company. 

Spot and solve problems 

Job management software allows you to quickly identify bottlenecks in your workflow and make adjustments to ensure that your employees are working most effectively. 

Using a dashboard that gives a complete view of all ongoing jobs, you can see in real-time how a specific job is progressing, making it easy to manage any problems the moment they occur. 

A centralised display will also let you see how much a job is making or costing you. If you begin to run over budget, you’ll be able to identify potential problems before margins are lost.

Supercharged productivity 

In a business, efficiency usually equals healthy finances. Job management software plays a pivotal role in organising and overseeing your projects with top notch efficiency. It allows you to schedule appointments, assign jobs, and gives you real-time progress on all jobs. This means that you spend less time managing your jobs and more time doing them.  

Cut back on admin 

With the ability to access a software platform anytime, anywhere, you can save time and money. The automation that comes with job management software means you’ll see a significant time reduction in administration tasks, allowing your team to focus on growing the business. 

No more mistakes 

Job management software eliminates the risk of human error and is a huge time-saver. With custom templates, you can whip up quotes and invoices in a flash, sending them directly to clients via email or SMS. You’ll have an organised online repository of your statements, ensuring you always have the latest info in one spot. 

Your package should also easily sync with other software, such as accounting packages. This ensures smooth data flow, minimising errors, and saving precious time.

Less waste, more savings 

Job management software can analyse the data to pinpoint areas where excess resources are being used. This allows you to make more accurate estimates for products and materials, ensuring jobs are completed within budget and on schedule, and, ultimately, potentially lead to significant reductions in product wastage. 

Additionally, seamless integration between your material will improve control over stock levels and can even set up automatic reordering when certain supplies run low.

Full access on the move 

Most job management software is mobile-friendly so your team can log into their jobs and provide real-time updates on the go; keeping everything from timesheets to inventory levels, and invoicing costs up to date. It’s like having your business manager on-site with you.

Better customer care 

You can keep your customers in the loop about their project’s progress through automated text or email updates. This not only provides your customers with peace of mind, but also minimises unexpected calls and emails. 

Thanks to smartphones and GPS, you can also track your team members’ exact locations and routes, which means you can let clients know an ETA without disturbing a driver while they’re on the road.  

Less stress 

You can say goodbye to late-night admin marathons! With tasks automated and errors minimised, you’ll be free from the stress of chasing missing info or payments, and catching up on paperwork. Instead, you can channel that extra energy into growing your business and enjoying your downtime, stress-free.

It doesn’t cost the earth 

There are options for every size of business, so don’t think that job management software has to cost the earth. 

At £19 per month, Fergus Essentials, for example, has been designed specifically for sole traders or small teams in the trades industry, and offers a range of features that help streamline day-to-day operations. It can track jobs, create quotes and estimates, manage invoices, and keeps your calendar and timesheets in order. 

For larger companies and those wanting to drive growth, Fergus Pro provides a full suite of powerful job management services with features like advanced project management, team collaboration tools, real-time reporting, and enhanced customisation options. Business owners are also able to issue gas certificates from a mobile and it has integrated CIS tax compliance too. 

There’s help available

Introduce job management software to your work processes and you won’t be on your own. Using job management software is easier than you might think, with comprehensive support to help you get the most out of the it, including onboarding and how-to-use videos, live chat, and email support. 

Incorporating job management software into your plumbing and heating business can really foster growth and efficiency, ensuring jobs are completed on time, resources are allocated properly, and clients are kept informed throughout the process. The range of options available, coupled with comprehensive support, makes it a flexible and cost-effective investment that could pave the way to a streamlined, thriving business.