An event aimed at helping installers and gas professionals benefit from new work through the government's Green Deal initiative took place in West Yorkshire last month.

Held by the Institution for Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM), the event gave attendees a clear picture of how to become and work as a Green Deal Assessor, alongside their existing installation workloads.

Stephen McKay of BRE Group advised installers on how to win new business as Green Deal Assessors and Installers, and explained how gas engineers can become accredited to attend properties and assess which cost saving and energy efficient improvements might be made under the Green Deal.

“It is vitally important that those involved with Green Deal receive training and accreditation from recognised professional providers to maintain the necessary standard of public confidence and uptake,” he said.

“The wannabees have no place in this market, only those who will serve the client fairly and ensure that they receive the appropriate level of care. BRE has the structures across the UK to assist Gas Engineers to become Assessors or Green Deal Installers through their highly respected Microgeneration Certification Scheme."

Under the Green Deal, due to launch later this year, domestic households and businesses will benefit from cheap finance for technologies which will make their properties more environmentally friendly and could reduce energy bills.

Examples could include solar power panels, energy saving heat pumps and enhanced insulation.

According to the ‘Golden Rule’, only installations that will pay for themselves over time will be fitted, meaning all improvements will be cost-effective for occupants.

Green Deal finance will remain attached to the property if occupants decide to sell or move on.

Dr Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO of IGEM, said: “IGEM is pleased that the Green Deal will provide business opportunities for engineering professionals. We are supporting our membership of first class gas industry professionals to maximise their skills and knowledge in this area through several continuous professional development events.”

The event was hosted by member company Brookhouse Training Centre, which specialises in training and qualifications for gas professionals.