The Glen Dimplex Group has created a new Gas Fire Division that incorporates some of the largest portfolios of gas fire names in the UK.

The plan, according to the electrical heating Group, is not only to rejuvenate these market brands (Valor, Wonderfire and Robinson Willey), but also stimulate the UK gas fire industry as a whole, across both the retail and trade sectors.

While all three gas fire brands are well established, their different roles mean they will have clearly defined identities within the new Gas Fire Division. Wonderfire will be marketed to the retail sector as a premier brand, while both the Robinson Willey and Valor brands will target the retail and trade sectors, including social housing, with a comprehensive gas-and-electric-fire portfolio. Exclusive products will continue to be available via Valor Centres nationwide, said the Group.

Newly-appointed commercial director of the gas fire division, Richard Beaman, said: “While preserving the identity of each brand, we are delighted to offer a new and streamlined portfolio of gas and electric fires that is both brand- and channel-specific. Not only are we able to provide added choice for both retail and trade sectors, we can breathe much needed fire into the gas fire industry as a whole.”

Beaman adds: “To help reinvigorate the gas fire industry, we will be rolling out a high-profile consumer promotional campaign. This will help boost demand for gas fires and recapture the ‘lost generation’ of customers who no longer seem to view gas fires as a viable option; it will help fill the void left by British Gas.

“As well as highlighting the development in gas efficiencies and running costs, we will be heavily promoting gas fires as an affordable and economical form of space heating.”