CIBSE Certification has been approved as a Certification Body for Green Deal organisations and their advisors. This will enable CIBSE Certification to offer training and certification to professionals wanting to offer advice under the Green Deal.

The Green Deal is a key government policy to enable building owners and operators to install energy efficiency improvements to buildings at no upfront cost to the owner or operator. Green Deal Advisors will identify areas within buildings where improvements can be made, and these will then be installed by certified Green Deal Installers.

The improvements will reduce the building operators’ energy bills, and the costs of the installation are added to the electricity bill. The estimated savings on the total energy bills will always equal or exceed the cost of the work, otherwise the improvements will not qualify for Green Deal finance. Under the Green Deal, the liability for the payments remains with the building, and does not follow the owner or occupier after they leave the building.

The Green Deal is expected to be launched in the UK in October 2012.

CIBSE Certification is now advising anyone considering becoming an organisation offering Green Deal Advice to wait for the formal qualifications for advisors, which are being developed, to be announced.

People interested in being kept informed of the development of the qualification, and what will be required to do to become an Advisor, can register with CIBSE at (with the subject line ‘Green Deal’). Organisations interested in being accredited to offer Green Deal Advice can register the same way. CIBSE will keep interested parties informed of developments and provide details of its training and accreditation arrangements.

Potential Green Deal Advisors must be qualified and currently certified Energy Assessors. Once the Green Deal qualification is available CIBSE will offer training courses. Those who have completed the national qualification will then be eligible for accreditation as Green Deal Advisors.