Plumber Jody Gerrard is planning to climb Ben Nevis this weekend while carrying a 25kg boiler, to raise money for the hospital that saved his daughter's life.

Gerrard told the Ayrshire Post that the 25kg weight wouldn't slow him down.

"My daughter, Rebecca, has had three heart operations and is still only seven years old. The team up at Yorkhill [Hospital] have been incredible for her and I wanted to do something to say thanks to them.

“I came up with the idea of climbing Ben Nevis with the boiler strapped to my back because it’s something different. Folk don’t sponsor you for walking down the street, so I set my targets way higher.”

The boiler was supplied by manufacturer Worcester Bosch, on the company's 50th anniversary. Gerrard added: “Most people do Nevis in around four hours and I reckon I can do it in that time with the boiler – if not a little quicker.

“I keep myself fit and have been doing a lot of training for this by running up the Carrick Hills with weights on my back. I’m really looking forward to it and although it sounds crazy, I think it will be a lot of fun.”

Gerrard, 33, will be joined by 12 friends on the trip but he will be the only one carrying the boiler.