A plumber from Essex has created a new drain cock to rival existing market models.

Simon Johnson, 41, who has worked in the industry for over 20 years, designed the drain cock in an attempt to better the current designs.

Having seen his idea through from conception to production, he has now started installing the drain cock with what he said were promising results.

The new design is simple to use and has no rubber washers to get stuck or leak all over the customer’s carpet, which is a great help to the plumber.

"The old rubber type perish. With the new design that doesn’t happen – they work like a service valve, no mess at all," said self-employed Johnson.

He said that the new design are installed in the much the same way and soldered in, but once in are much easier to use.

"With the old design you have to use a spanner to open the drain cock which can sometimes be difficult to do if it is in a cupboard or an awkward position," he added.

"But with the new design, a turn of a screwdriver and the drain cock is open, so there are no washers to worry about and most importantly no leaks - a simple design to solve a long standing problem."

Johnson, of S. Johnson Plumbing & Heating, patented his design in 2009 after finding the current design could be messy to use and time-consuming to fit.

He has since visited China to oversee production and has plenty of sample products to bring to the industry.

"I was quite proud to see it coming from an idea and a drawing into being," he said.

He has high hopes for further production with the help of a merchant and would welcome offers from any interested parties.

"I’d like them to replace the old drain cocks and maybe someone with the know-how could help get them out there, in the shops and get people using them," he concluded.