A lucky installer from Devon is the first to have discovered a golden ticket as part of Worcester, Bosch Group's nationwide competition, which kicked off the UK boiler manufacturer's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Ben Eyres, of Ben Eyres Gas Ltd, discovered the first of Worcester’s five golden tickets when he came to fit a new Greenstar Heatslave boiler for his customers in Farringdon, Devon.

As a result, his customers Helen and Nigel Paver received £1,000 off the cost of their boiler plus a five-year manufacturer’s guarantee and free servicing for the boiler’s lifetime.

Eyres said he and his staff were delighted to find the ticket and tell the Pavers they could claim £1,000 off the cost of their boiler.

“They were a bit shocked but completely over the moon! We thank Worcester, Bosch Group for a fantastic promotion and feel very lucky to be the first company to have found one of the five tickets,” he said.

As part of the prize, Eyres has also won a Bosch power tools kit worth over £200.

Five of Worcester’s Greenstar boilers were picked at random by managing director Carl Arntzen on 1 February to have a golden ticket inserted inside the gold casing before being distributed to stockists across the UK.

“The national golden ticket competition is exciting for us as we really have no idea where the special boilers will be delivered to or how long it will be until we have each winner identified. It is brilliant that within the first couple of months of the competition a golden ticket has been distributed, found and installed – we are delighted for both Ben and his customers,” said Arntzen.

For further information on Worcester’s 50th anniversary visit www.50yearsofwarmth.co.uk.