Manufacturer REHAU is reminding specifiers of pre-insulated pipework that there is a legal requirement for all pipework which is connected directly to the public mains water supply to comply with Water Supply Regulations (WRAS) or Scottish Byelaws.

REHAU is concerned that the requirement is either being overlooked by specifiers and contractors in the district heating and biomass sectors or that they are simply not aware of their legal obligation.

Steve Richmond, business team leader for REHAU’s range of renewable energy products, said: “Legally, every water fitting connected to the mains must be able to demonstrate that it does not cause waste, damage or contamination of the water supply and also that it is of an ‘appropriate quality and standard’.

“The best way to do this is through WRAS approval, which is accepted by every water supplier in the UK, or through a recognised overseas equivalent. The only time that pre-insulated pipe can be used without the necessary approvals is if it is not connected directly to the mains, for example if it is connected via a heat exchanger.

“We are reminding both specifiers and contractors that they need to check the status of any pipework they are using or planning to use – firstly to ensure that they are complying with the law and secondly to ensure that it has been fully tested to meet the operating conditions. They should look for the WRAS logo on literature and websites or ask suppliers to provide evidence of a recognised equivalent testing scheme.”