Plumbing company Status Heating, based in Birmingham, has gone electric by choosing an all-electric city car as part of its fleet.

The company, which works in the heating, plumbing and electric sectors, chose a Citroën C-Zero electric car to join its fleet of 72 vehicles. The fleet also includes eight C4 and C5 cars, as well as 64 vans including Berlingo and Relay models.

Status chose the electric C-Zero to fulfill a housing association contract 20 miles from its headquarters in Birmingham.

The contract requires an on-site presence every day by a Status employee, involving a 40-mile commute to Worcester every day. The C-Zero's electric fuel means that no emissions are created. To recharge the vehicle, Status and WM Housing, the housing associal involved, have installed charging points at both their offices.

Leigh Skillett, Status' finance director, said: "As a company we are actively engaged in reducing the carbon footprint of our operation. When we gained this new contract, the C-Zero was the ideal candidate with its zero emissions, silent running and low cost of operation."