The annual Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers (IDHEE) Conference will be held at Loughborough University on Wednesday 23 May.

The annual conference and exhibition of The Institute of Domestic Heating & Environmental Engineers (IDHEE) will be held this year at Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough University on Wednesday 23rd May. 

'In the past, many heating systems with boilers and radiators have been sized using short-cut or rule-of-thumb methods,' said IDHEE. 'While they may have worked, they frequently produced oversized or undersized equipment resulting in very inefficient systems. Newer heating technologies, such as heat pumps, require much more accurate design to ensure they produce heating and hot water at optimum efficiencies, particularly when replacing older technology.

'The conference will look at how to best address these issues and will provide some of the best solutions on how to achieve the most energy efficient results, on MCS accreditation and all aspects of designing integrated multiple heat sources.'

Speakers at the conference will include Kelly Butler from the Domestic Heat Pump Association and Bob Blake from SummitSkills. IDHEE members Brent Witherspoon from Chelmer Heating Solutions; John Martin from QMSA and Bill Bucknell, IDHEE Chairman will deliver presentations during the day.