The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is targeting small sites in Cumbria as part of a drive to cut the number of work-related deaths.

Inspectors will visit sites where refurbishment or repair work is being carried out. The safety checks are par

The inspectors' main focus will be on high-risk activity including working at height and 'good order', such as ensuring sites are clean and tidy with clear access routes. The purpose of the initiative is to remind those working in construction that poor standards are unacceptable, and could result in enforcement action.

Dorothy Shaw, HSE's principal inspector for Construction in Cumbria, said: "The refurbishment sector continues to be the most risky for construction workers, but small changes to working practices can make all the difference. "Poor management of risks in this industry is unacceptable, and even the smallest of firms should have a culture which allows workers to raise issues without fear of reprisal.

"As we have demonstrated in the past, we will take strong action if we find evidence that workers are being unnecessarily put at risk."

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