Trianco's Smarter Energy product range now includes the Greenflame wood pellet boiler.

Trianco’s Smarter Energy product range now includes the Greenflame wood pellet boiler, as well as biomass and wood-burning boilers, and Activair air source heat pumps. 

Greenflame provides sustainable heating and DHW with a low carbon footprint. It has a maximum output of 29kw, using high-density wood pellets with low ash production.

The unit is specifically designed to reduce maintenance and loading, and incorporates an easy-to-access ash collector pan and a multi-pellet storage system. Greenflame can also be linked to an existing heating or renewable system to offer a primary or back-up service. 

Complementing Greenflame is Trianco’s Kerr range of wood-burning boilers. Kerr will burn most wood fuels, although seasoned hardwood is recommended. With an output of 20.5kw, Kerr is capable of heating garages, workshops, sheds, greenhouses and even swimming pools and hot tubs.

Activair air source heat pumps extract large quantities of otherwise wasted heat from the surrounding air, turning that heat into low-cost hot water. It can be up to five times as efficient as a gas or oil boiler and is capable of supplying all of a family’s hot water needs.

Activair is available in outputs including 3kw, 5kw, 12kw and 18kw for domestic use. Residential outputs from 18kw to 72kw completes the range.

Trianco will be displaying its Smarter Energy portfolio at the PHEX Wembley exhibition on 28 and 29 April.