Yorkshire Copper Tube has called for the government to review its laws on metal scrappage to help plumbers across the UK, as metal thefts continue to rise.

This comes as metal thefts continue to rise, which leaves businesses out of pocket and unable to complete planned jobs. When trading in scrap metal in other parts of Europe, people are required to give their full personal details and a bank account for money to be transferred into, which deters theft and ensures that dealers are accountable for the goods they receive.

Overton said: “As we are a member of the KME Group of companies, which together represent Europe’s largest producer of copper and copper alloy materials, we are in constant talks with our colleagues overseas.

“They are flabbergasted by how relaxed the laws are in the UK for regulating the sale of scrap metal and we are urging the government to have a rethink to help small businesses across the UK.

[“One such business is that of Owen Thomas, who runs AT Plumbing in Cheltenham. I recently read that a metal thief targeted his home twice in one day in November, which is incredulous.”

After reading about Thomas’ plight, Overton travelled to meet him and presented him with £300 worth of copper tube to replace what had been stolen.

Overton continues: “We are very supportive of smaller businesses that keep traditional plumbing alive by using copper tubing.

“While we are unable replace everyone’s stolen copper we are able to use our position in the industry to call for a change to scrappage laws, which is something we will be focusing on in 2012.”