Hansgrohe has launched two shower pipes onto the UK market - the Raindance and the Raindance E 420.

The range all features AirPower technology, which draws air into the showerhead.

Shower pipes are the fastest growing showering segment for the company, offering both an overhead shower and hand shower in one system. They are also convenient to install, with only one water connection required to feed both showers. 

Many Raindance models are available with Hansgrohe EcoSmart technology, where a flow control system reduces water consumption to a maximum of 9 litres/min depending on pressure. 

A self-adjusting precision o-ring reacts to the flow pressure level, reducing or enlarging the water outlet as required. This means the water volume consumed remains practically consistent, regardless of the pressure levels.

The Raindance shower pipe for concealed installation combines a new design with Hansgrohe’s iBox universal installation unit. 

The Raindance E 420 shower pipe features an asymmetrically-positioned wall rail, wide thermostat and flat overhead shower. 

Hansgrohe claims that the flat, inclined shower pipe gives the impression that the shower system is practically floating in front of the wall. 

The overhead shower element is rectangular, with softly-rounded corners and a new width of 420mm.

The E 420 offers multi-jet showering with a choice of two spray types: a shoulder-wide air-enriched rain spray and a clear, wide flood jet. 

The spray types can be switched easily using the thermostat, which is mounted flush with the wall without any visible connections. 

The flat top consists of a high-quality glass surface while the new materials used bring variety onto the scene, offering a convenient storage shelf for cleansing products.