Rising costs and a falling economy has prompted plumber Ron Mutton to defer his pension in an attempt to save more.

"Pensioners are being hit from every angle as prices for all the essentials keep rising and retirement incomes just don't keep up," said the 67-year-old in an interview with the Daily Mail.

"It's not luxuries, but everyday basics that keep shooting up. I'm drawing a small private pension but have noticed over the past couple of years that money is getting tighter and tighter.

"I've carried on with my plumbing business to make a bit of extra money to try to keep up with escalating costs.

"I certainly couldn't live off the state pension. I don't see how anyone can survive on that. I've deferred mine, hoping that when I do start taking it, it will be a bit more and help me to have a decent standard of living when I retire fully.

"It's important that people make sure they get the best deal from their pension savings. It takes hard graft to earn that cash and it's vital people get the right advice and make every penny count.

"I try to help other pensioners keep their energy bills down, but it costs money to save money and often these days people just don't have the cash to pay out initially for, let's say, a more efficient boiler or even to upgrade their heating systems."

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