The GROHE XXL Truck is returning to the UK in the autumn after successful 2017 and spring 2018 tours.

Making visits to locations across the country between 29 October and 3 November, the tour will predominantly focus on showcasing the company’s range of products to installers, while also providing training on some of GROHE’s “most innovative and specialist” products.

The truck’s first stop, the Colchester Institute, is a higher education training provider for more than 400 plumbing students who will receive training sessions from GROHE’s experts across two days.

The XXL Truck will also stop at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC) in Swindon, which offers a variety of expertise and opportunity to those working on self-build projects.

Chris Penney, GROHE UK’s Training Manager, said: “We are thrilled to be using this fantastic resource to increase our awareness among the installer and selfbuild market. There is nothing better than being able to engage on a first-hand basis with those who regularly sell and install our products, especially the up-and-coming apprentices and professionals of the industry.

“It is also extremely important to us to continue building awareness around the GROHE brand, highlighting the ergonomics and rigorous R&D process that ensure our products are easy to work with and install.”