A1 Flue Systems is launching a new campaign to expose poor-quality grades of stainless steel that are being used in the manufacture of flue systems.

The company is alarmed by a number of recent cases where it has been called as an independent industry expert to inspect failing flues, only to find that one of the main culprits is the poor quality materials used to make the chimneys.

As part of its campaign, 'You Know Where You Can Stick It', A1 is giving contractors small magnetic cards that can be placed on existing flue systems. If the fridge magnet-sized card sticks, then it is an indication of poorquality stainless steel, which could also be an indicator that the flue system may not be performing correctly.

TJ Duncan-Moir, Director at A1 Flue Systems said that, in most cases, the recommended grades of stainless steel that should be used in the manufacture of commercial flue and chimney systems can’t magnetise, so A1’s cards will not stick to them.

“It’s a very quick and simple test to determine the quality of stainless steel, and we want to encourage all contractors and building & facilities management firms to do the check – for peace of mind as much as anything else,” said TJ.

“Responsible flue manufacturers will typically use either 304- or 316-grade stainless steel for two simple reasons: quality and durability. And anything less means that a contractor has knowingly gone for a substandard product or they’ve been hoodwinked into thinking they’ve got 304 or 316 grade when in fact they haven’t.”