Despite difficult economic conditions and rising costs, 'hard graft' is the key to plumbing success, claims Pimlico Plumbers founder Mullins.

“But 14 months of hard graft is why there is a safe haven in a global storm,” says Charlie Mullins, managing director and founder of independent plumbing company, Pimlico Plumbers.

Economic figures released by the government yesterday show that the economy grew by 0.2% in April, May and June. It's not as big a rise as the 0.5% growth seen between January and March this year, but Mullins believes that it's still a good result.

“Crucially it occurred while the United States is trying to get the payday loan boys in to balance books, Greece and Ireland have already gone skint, and Italy and Spain are wondering how they are going to feed their children next week," Mullins added.

“If you ask me growth is growth, and the reason we are even able to inch our way back towards the black is down to 14 months of solid, unspectacular, consistently hard graft. And if anyone is struggling with the metaphor that's George Osborne and the Government sticking to plan A as all else goes to hell abroad. Does anyone really think that if the ship had been left with Gordon Brown and Ed Balls at the helm it would still be sailing at all? Granted, we'd still be afloat because we are a fighting nation, but we'd have lost our sails and we'd be below decks bailing just to keep above the waves!”

Pimlico Plumbers revenue for June is up by 5.4%, which means it did £50,000 more plumbing than last year.

Mullins said: “Times are difficult and some will not survive; money is scarce, fuel is too dear, unemployment will take some time to get completely under control, but what the government has given us is an environment that is stable enough for companies like Pimlico and many others to do business in, and through our own hard work help to keep the economy growing.

“Happy days for the plumber? Certainly not; with twenty pence on diesel, not to mention the price of a bacon sarnie, costs are going through the roof. But thanks to some solid work on the foundations we are still in the game. Bring on the next quarter!”