New research, conducted by Toolstation, reveals that almost three-quarters of the trade have suffered from work related injuries, aches, pains and strains – with 79% of those surveyed believing it has affected their ability to carry out their work.

The survey of Toolstation customers was carried out in June 2017, and highlights the challenges faced by tradespeople when injuries occur – particularly the financial and emotional impact.

74% of respondents were sole traders, with over half of those surveyed confirming they’d needed to take time off work due to their injuries. This resulted in loss of income and high levels of stress, as summarised by one respondent, who said: “Being self-employed, if you get injuries at work it can have an extremely adverse effect on your mental wellbeing, causing stress. If you are unable to work then you are unable to earn.”

John Meaden, Marketing Director at Toolstation, said the research highlighted the daily pressures tradespeople are under to maintain their income despite experiencing regular physical pain and mental suffering.

He said: “Our research reveals the extent to which tradespeople suffer injuries, aches, pains and strains in getting the job done day to day; but more so it highlights the financial and emotional impact of those on individuals and their family life.”