Nearly half (45%) of those working in a trade occupation believe their business won't suffer as a result of Brexit, according to a new TradePoint survey.

A survey of tradespeople has revealed that while 30% of respondents believe we have already started seeing the effects of Brexit, those effects haven't yet taken hold within the trade sector.

The main concern that was raised by over a fifth (21%) of those in trade is the loss of skilled workers, and yet 34% of survey respondents said they had no concerns over Brexit.

Of those taking part in the survey, more than half (55%) voted to leave, whereas 36% voted to remain within the EU. A small percentage (7%) chose not to vote at all and 2% did not disclose.

A quarter (25%) said better trade deals with the rest of the world was the main opportunity for the trade as a result of Brexit.

Some 79% of leave voters in the trade industry believe the industry will be able to support itself when it comes to sourcing materials, whereas among those who voted to remain, only two out of five (42%) agree the industry will be able to support itself regarding materials.

Just 2% of leave voters in the industry foresee the trade sector struggling or becoming less self-sufficient as a result of Brexit.

Lisa Wise, Marketing Manager at TradePoint, said: "This survey has revealed how those in trade are reacting to the result of Brexit, and how they see it will affect the industry they work in.

"While the effects of Brexit are still yet to be determined, we are glad to see that those working in the trade are positive their sector and the industry will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

Reactions from the trade industry have been equally supportive, as shown in this TradePoint infographic: