Veotec Group have been partly acquired by Wozair through the purchasing a majority shareholding of the Veotec of companies’ shares.

Products made by Vectec will compliment those currently offered by Wozair and provide customers a more complete suite of air management products in highly specialised and demanding applications.

Wozair owners Paul Azzopardi and Simon Collins extended their welcome of the Veotec business into the group. They highlighting the considerable product range, design expertise, manufacturing capability and intellectual property that Veotec already produces.

Directors of Veotec, Phil Pendrill and Andrew Russell, said: “The purchase is very positive and a major milestone in the growth of the Veotec businesses. The ten years of product and manufacturing technology development, testing and certification is a great platform for us to continually develop the industry’s most advanced range of HVAC equipment for specialist applications.”

Veotec is a manufacturer and supplier of air separation, filtration and louvre HVAC products. It is based in Farringdon, Hampshire. Wozair is a privately owned international HVAC equipment manufacturer with a turnover of £39m in 2016. The company is based in the UK with operations all over the world.