Glen Dimplex Boilers has warned installers to be aware of 'pie-crust' promises over free extended warranties.

Colin Gardner, managing director of Glen Dimplex Boilers, said: “Every year around 1.6 million people need to replace their gas boiler, and a genuine extended warranty not only provides valuable peace of mind for homeowners, it enables installers to profit from a ‘fit and forget’ solution.

“Extended warranties are commonplace in the boiler market and, with no risk and no worries for up to five full years, it’s a great incentive to purchase a particular boiler. However, as with many pie-crust promises, the devil lies in the detail.

“Despite headlining with a five-year offer, the sad reality is that the warranty is sometimes actually only made up of a three-year guarantee on parts and just two years on labour. And, considering that the price of the boiler may have been over-inflated in the first place, it’s totally misleading and confusing."

Glen Dimplex Boilers is urging installers to check the terms and conditions that come attached with many of these warranties. For example, some boiler manufacturers stipulate that installers may only qualify for the deal if they register and attend a training course, while others demand a certain volume of boiler sales before the deal applies. Others insist on membership of a loyalty scheme.

Gardner is also urging the industry to call "a spade a spade".

“Manufacturers need to be totally honest and offer exactly what it says on the tin," he said. "A genuine free five-year guarantee on parts and labour – as offered by Glen Dimplex Boilers – not only demonstrates commitment to the quality of components and manufacture, but it means that the manufacturer is prepared to forego any additional revenue that could be generated from after sales and spares, in a bid to create such reassurance.”