Viessmann has launched three new social media channels specifically for installers – the Viessmann Installer channel on YouTube, the Viessmann Trade Twitter feed and the Viessmann Installer page on Facebook.

The company says these online resources will help make it even easier to install, set-up and service Viessmann’s products. The Viessmann Installer Channel on YouTube will feature video tutorials for everything from operating control panels to stripping down a boiler.

The @ViessmannTrade Twitter feed and the Viessmann Installer page on Facebook – which are distinct from the respective existing Viessmann UK accounts – will also share video tutorials, as well as posting technical tips and the latest news on product launches and installer promotions. The Viessmann UK pages will continue as consumer-targeted accounts.

Viessmann marketing director Darren McMahon said: “Viessmann’s new presence on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will complement the installer area on the Viessmann UK website, but in ways that are more visual, less formal and with an interactive element. We invite installers to take a look now but also to keep on coming back, because more content will be added to both channels over time.”