Wilo has transferred assembly of most of its pressure boosting sets to its UK base at Burton-upon-Trent.

Pump and pumping system manufacturer Wilo has transferred assembly of most of its pressure boosting sets to its UK base at Burton-upon-Trent to meet growing demand. 

As more water suppliers reduce the pressure of the mains water they supply – legally they only have to supply water at 1 bar – mains water is often only capable of making it to the first or second floor of high rise buildings. 

Any building needing mains pressure water above the second floor needs a pressure boosting pump set to ensure taps and showers don’t run dry, particularly at peak demand times such as early mornings and early evenings. Wilo is seeing massively increased demand for these booster sets. 

Wilo supplies variable speed multi-stage pressure boosting sets from 1.1kw to 22kw, which respond to the specific requirements in the building along with a range of fixed speed pumps. The units have been developed in Germany and are shipped to Wilo UK for assembly and testing. Every unit is wet tested at the facility for full functionality before it is despatched. 

The larger commercial booster sets are supplied with a duty, assist, standby regime for the three elements of the unit, ensuring that each pump has back up and a standby to meet all eventualities and a rotation regime to ensure even wear on the pumps.

Wilo supplies its smaller Comfort-Vario range for domestic and light commercial use. 

These packaged water pressure booster sets can ensure safe and efficient water supply up to the 24th floor. These very low maintenance boosting solutions can be used with confidence in any noise sensitive application.