Geberit Mapress Copper is now available with a 12mm fitting size, giving installers a tool to overcome issues of fitting copper piping in retrofit projects where hot works is not allowed, such as in listed buildings.

With the introduction of the 12mm fitting, the Geberit Mapress press-fitting solution can now provide an end-to-end range solution of copper fittings, from the smallest 12mm up to the largest at 108mm.

Geberit Mapress is a hazard-free alternative to soldering copper pipework, with no open flame required to make a secure connection. Always putting safety first, pressing indicators and defined leak paths enable incorrectly closed connections to be detected both during inspection and when the system is subjected to a leak test. Clearly marked with the fitting’s size, Geberit Mapress Copper press fitting is colour coded with a white seal ring to make installation even easier.

Suitable for use on supply systems including heating, cooling, gas and potable water, the new 12mm Geberit Mapress copper fitting is available from builders' merchants nationwide.