Plumb Center is urging Welsh officials to work with the heating industry to 'create more consistency in the market', in response to the Welsh government's first Energy Efficiency Strategy

The recently published document sets out the increasing need to recognise the benefits of energy efficiency and take action to:

  • Reduce pressures on consumer bills
  • Tackle fuel poverty
  • Support the development of a sustainable energy efficiency supply chain
  • Improve the energy efficiency of housing stock.

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of renewable technologies for the heating and plumbing market, Plumb Center advocates that successful delivery of this new strategy will depend on the Welsh Government encouraging its UK counterparts to stop altering targets and schemes that disrupt the market.

Tim Pollard, head of sustainability at Plumb Center, explained: "The recent changes announced in the Summer Budget by the Chancellor George Osborne - and the subsequent productivity plan by the Secretary of State of Business, Innovation and Skills - have led once again to a crisis in confidence in the market and a significant drop in demand for more energy efficient heating solutions. While we welcome any initiatives that promote a more sustainable future, we maintain that the market is dependent on stability and, with the rising costs of training and accreditation, we must ensure installers can be confident in investing in the future."

The Welsh government's new strategy also outlines a need for improved information on the value of energy efficiency, the relative benefits of different measures and the support available.

The strategy sets out how increasing energy efficiency will make Wales a more prosperous nation by creating new jobs, skills and a flourishing supply chain. It states that, for every £1m spent on energy efficiency, 23 jobs are directly supported in the energy efficiency industry.

Mr Pollard added: "Plumb Center has consistently asserted that energy efficiency schemes should be both adequately resourced and designed to ensure the best possible energy efficiency programme for the fuel poor. We are particularly supportive of the changes to ensure that suppliers deliver measures for those poorer households in off gas and rural locations - like many areas in Wales."

More information on the Welsh Energy Efficiency Strategy can be found online at