Ideal Boilers has expressed concern over the announcement by the EU Commission of its proposal to revise the energy efficiency labelling regulations in 2016.

Ideal’s chief technical officer Elaine Lancaster, said: “We understand the reasons behind the EU Commission’s proposal and, as a domestic boiler manufacturer, we would hope that the EU Commission is open to consultation on areas such as ensuring that customers are not deterred from investing in higher efficiency replacement boilers and that the label truly benefits the specific needs of the heating sector.

"We are already preparing for the latest ErP Directive coming into force on 26 September, which introduces the new energy labelling regulation for the first time, and fear that announcing additional proposed changes to regulation at the same time could create confusion in consumers’ minds.
”Ultimately, the objective of any energy efficiency labelling regulation should be to make it easy for installers and homeowners to make good energy efficiency choices. We hope that the EU Commission will consult with manufacturers and the wider industry before making a final decision.”

The EU Commission said it hoped the proposed revisions would ensure coherence and continuity and make sure that customers are able to make better-informed choices that will help them save energy and money, but these ar yet to be approved.