Heating makes up the bulk of energy costs for the majority of churches. Problems with inadequate heating, together with rising energy bills, make this a key issue for many church communities.

The award winning latest technology from Airius significantly reduces your heating costs and increases comfort levels for your congregation.

Airius destratification fans are designed to continuously move a column of air to the floor, similar to a ducted system, but without the need for ducting and avoiding any draught disturbances. It then spreads out in 360° throughout the space, blanketing along the floor and underneath any obstructions - a unique, patented method which is proven to achieve full temperature equalisation (within a 2oC band) in any space, reducing heating and cooling costs in addition to CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

Through research and customer feedback supplying numerous churches, Airius have found a number of issues that affect the efficient heating of a Church. These include high ceilings, poor insulation and outdated ineffective heating systems.

The research showed that the warmest place in a church is at ceiling height, where heat is then lost through the roof because of poor insulation. Poor circulation also means that key areas such as the pews were insufficiently heated.

This has the effect of not only leaving the congregation, especially the elderly, feeling cold despite the heating being on (often at full capacity), but also costs the church a lot more than is necessary to effectively heat the space.

Airius have helped hundreds of churches achieve their energy reduction targets and improve the indoor air movement.

All Souls Bolton, a fabulous restoration of an 18th century gothic revival, grade II listed church in Bolton are one of many examples who have used the Airius system. They installed black custom painted Airius Designer Series to complement the buildings modern futuristic interior design.

Andrew Suter, the Director of All Souls Bolton Church comments, “The modern futuristic design has created a new standard for the restoration and re-purposing of historic buildings for the community. As with any old building keeping heating and maintenance costs low is critically important to our long term sustainability.”

He continues to state, “The Airius Destratification Fans play a key role in recycling warmer air at high level in the building back down to lower levels, keeping people warmer and at the same time keeping our heating costs down.”

Airius will once again be exhibiting at The Energy Event held at The NEC in Birmingham on the 15th and 16th of September 2015. Visitors at the exhibition will be able to see the full range of the Arius destratification fans and a team of technical experts will be on hand to give demonstrations, offer advice and answer individual quires.

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