A fed-up plumber settled his debt the hard way after receiving a 'constant stream' of parking fines.

As plumbers, HVP readers will be well aware of the issue of parking while on call.

Being a plumber's apprentice this week, it was clear to see how many near misses could occur with parking attendants.

But one plumber was not prepared to take yet another parking fine lying down.

According to local reports, Stuart White – aged 42 – had grown weary of receiving a constant stream of parking fines.

The final straw was when he received a penalty of £35 for parking on a double yellow line in Cheltenham. He claimed he had stopped momentarily.

To settle his debt, White took 3,500 pennies in a bucket to Cheltenham Borough Council and tipped them onto the desk.

He said: "I warned the council I would do this if I got another fine. It may be an inconvenience to whoever has to count it out, but it's only a fraction of the inconvenience caused to me."


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