Weger Air Solutions has expanded its product range with five models of heat pump air-to-air heat recovery units.

The new units are standalone and only require electrical power, so are suitable for applications where hot water, chilled water and gas are not available.

The range has two forms of sequential heat recovery – the integral heat pump system and either plate recuperators or thermal wheels – to help ensure high efficiency levels. This means they can meet government energy reduction targets, as well as the needs of energy savvy customers.

All five models feature an integral refrigeration system (R410A), using inverter-controlled hermetic scroll compressors. The evaporator and condenser coils are copper tubes with aluminium fins. The refrigeration system also uses electronic expansion valves, cycle-inversion valves, pressure gauges and pressure transducers.

The RFM, HPX, HPH and HPS all use air-to-air plate recuperators, with efficiency levels ranging from 50% to 80%, while the HPR range uses thermal wheels with 80% efficiency. Each unit features a microprocessor controller, to maximise energy savings and achieve environmental comfort through the modulation of cooling and heating. In addition, the control panels have been designed for RS 485 connection to BMS systems based on Modbus RTU protocols.