The British Safety Council’s priority to raise young people’s awareness of health and safety risks is being highlighted through a new video, featuring Leila, a young apprentice engineer.

Matthew Holder, head of campaigns at the British Safety Council said: “With the help of JCB, we made the film ‘Manufacturing risks’ on site with Leila in order to immerse the viewer in a modern, highly technical and large manufacturing plant. 

“This way we bring home the message that health and safety is not a bit of red-tape but a very real part of any worker’s skill base. Evidence tells us that good working conditions are good for productivity. 

“The video is the latest in our campaign Speak Up, Stay Safe, and Leila did a great job being at the heart of this production. We would like all those involved in the education of apprentices and workers or who intend to raise people’s awareness of workplace issues more generally – both inside and outside business – to use this video.”

Manufacturing is a priority sector for the British Safety Council, reflecting the hazardous nature of the occupation. Others include construction, where we already have a video with a young worker; along with transport and energy sectors.

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