Bathroom accessories specialist Croydex is at the forefront of water-saving technology with its Aqua Air range of overhead showers and handsets.

The Aqua Air range harnesses the power of air to deliver an invigorating shower sensation whilst reducing water consumption. It works by drawing in air and blending it with the water flow - making each droplet bigger and softer. Air force enhances the system’s spray power and promises savings of up to 50 per cent water reduction compared to normal showers.

“The Aqua Air range is a pioneering design that gives the wonderful sensation of shower-ing in the rain,” says Peter Pegden, Product and Procurement Director at Croydex.

“An increasing number of consumers are becoming concerned about their water use and hunting for products that will have as little impact on the environment as it will on their purse. And, as they continue to demand high standards of performance, this presents a real challenge for manufacturers,” he adds.

The collection features 14 designs, finished in chrome or white. Options include the im-pressive Aspley Ultra Flat overhead showerhead and the Carter 3 function hand shower.

The Aqua Air range is included in the Water Label scheme which rates products by the number of litres per minute they use.

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