Getting caught short of toilet roll because your partner hasn’t replaced it is the nation’s biggest bathroom bugbear, according to a recent survey by Ideal Standard.

The survey of 2,000 adults has revealed that 37% of women found this to be their partner’s most annoying bathroom habit. Results showed that women would prefer their other half to use their beauty products, leave wet towels on the floor and even leave the toilet seat up, rather than be faced with empty toilet rolls.

Twenty-four percent said that their male partner leaving the toilet seat up was their biggest bathroom bugbear, followed by leaving marks in the basin (19%). Leaving wet towels on the floor was named by 16% of women as the nation’s leading bathroom crime, and only 4% of females polled said none of their partner’s bad bathroom habits annoy them.

However, men appear to be more forgiving – or perhaps less aware of bad bathroom behaviour – with 48% saying none of their partner’s bad bathroom habits annoy them.

Ideal Standard's bathroom behaviours specialist Jenny Smith said: "For many couples, the bathroom can cause lots of arguments – although it’s clear that men seem to do more to annoy their partners and maybe need to be more considerate at least! Hopefully our findings will help couples banish their bad bathroom habits in time for Valentine’s Day.”