An online marketplace has been launched which the creator says will "revolutionise the service sector" by helping heating and plumbing installers and other professional tradespeople generate new business leads free of charge.

Comcero is an online tool in which businesses, tradespeople and consumers can find, compare and select who they want to work with for a project.

It is free to register with the site, free to receive leads, free to win work, and free to manage jobs.

Founder Bal Mattu said: "The economic climate has made life extremely difficult for small businesses and professional tradespeople, who perhaps don't have the time, resources or money to manage jobs."

Through the marketplace, users post a job which they need to be done, including relevant pictures, timescales and an indication of what credentials they seek. Professional tradespeople who have registered on the site can put themselves forward and quote for work they may not have otherwise been aware of.

The purchaser of the service can then view their details and decide if their profile and experience is accurate for the job.

Comcero enables users to include a detailed company profile, certification and memberships to trade associations.

Once a job has been completed, customers have the opportunity to post a review on the quality of the service.

To register with the website, visit