Construction professionals are being invited to join a new social media platform focussed on law.

Launched by personal injury lawyer Bill Braithwaite QC (pictured), Mootis is aimed at anyone who encounters legal issues during the course of their work or who has an interest in law.

"Construction professionals face increasingly complex legal issues, yet the existing social media platforms are very general and not specific to their needs,” explained Mr Braithwaite. "This is an opportunity for them to join a bespoke platform and make it their own."

According to Mr Braithwaite, Mootis will appeal to those already registered with sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as those who are yet to engage with social media.

Key features of the new platform include:

  • Keep on top of the latest trending legal topics

  • Post ‘Moots’, which can exceed 140 characters

  • Upload and share video blogs, documents, images and audio

  • Register as a new user on the sign-up page or log in through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook

  • Register as an individual or organisation

  • Search and connect with people by name or import existing contacts from other social media

  • Integrate with other main social media sites

  • Daily updates from Mootis, direct to the user's email account

  • Create polls and surveys

  • Professional verification to establish authenticity of identities of key individuals and companies

  • Privacy features

  • Advanced security.