Private landlords should be a key target for any installer looking to take advantage of the opportunities created by the new release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF), says electric heating manufacturer Dimplex.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund has reopened to householders in England and Wales, offering up to £5,600 in funding to support the installation of energy saving measures such as heating system upgrades, insulation and glazing.

With new legislation on the energy performance of rental properties on the horizon, Dimplex is encouraging installers to make the most of the improvement opportunities in the rented market.

Chris Stammers, marketing director at Dimplex, said: “The reopening of the GDHIF is a welcome boost which will support the installation of a wide range of energy saving measures, from fan-assisted storage heaters and flue gas heat recovery, to floor insulation and triple glazing.

“DECC has tightened the rules on applications to avoid a repeat of the first phase but we’re still expecting it to prove popular and nowhere more so than in the private rental sector because of legislation which is set to come into force in the coming years. Installers must be ready to take advantage of the opportunities.”

From April 2016, landlords must consider any request from tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their property and after January 2018, properties must have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of ‘E’ or above if they are to be rented out.

“The new legislation means energy performance will have to be a serious consideration for landlords and with more than 60% of energy in the home used for heating, the efficiency of heating systems will be key,” Mr Stammers added.

“In electrically heated homes, replacing an outdated storage heating system or incorrectly specified electric radiators with an energy-efficient solution like the Dimplex Quantum off-peak heater can significantly reduce energy bills and help to meet the standards which are soon to be required from rental properties. And with 4.1million private landlords in the UK, it is a huge market for installers to target.”