The new release of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will open for applications on Wednesday 10 December, with up to £30 million in vouchers available and details of further releases to be announced on a quarterly basis.

Households in England and Wales will be able to apply for up to £5,600 to help with the cost of installing energy saving measures such as solid wall insulation, double glazing, boilers, cavity wall and floor insulation.

The £30 million will be split into two categories:

  • Up to £24 million for solid wall insulation;

  • Up to £6 million for two measures from a list of home improvements available under the scheme.

Once the funding under each category has been committed, no more applications will be taken for that category.

The GDHIF originally launched in June and closed unexpectedly early after providing vouchers for more than 20,000 households. Through this second release of funding, domestic energy customers can now receive:

  • up to £4000 for installing solid wall insulation;

  • up to £1000 for installing two measures from an approved list;

  • up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment;

  • up to £500 more if applying within 12 months of buying a new home.

Despite claims that the fund has previously created unsustainable demand that won’t benefit the industry long term, Energy & Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said: “This fund is a big success story for the Green Deal – helping thousands of people improve their homes so that they’re warmer, greener and cheaper to run.

“The best way people can cut their energy bills, this winter and every winter, is to improve their homes so that they leak less heat and use less energy. That’s why we’ve increased the funding available for the Green Deal to help even more people start saving money sooner.”

To complete the two-stage application process, householders will need:

  • A Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is less than two years old

  • A quote from a GDHIF registered installer or provider for work specified on the GDAR or EPC and included on the list of GDHIF approved measures

  • Proof of property ownership (for landlords/undertakings only)

Householders are encouraged to get more than one quote, particularly when they are having expensive work done, to make sure they are getting the best deal available.

Energy & Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said: “We’ve already taken £50 off energy bills this year, and have forced energy companies to make things simpler and easier for bill payers, but we know that the best way for households to cut their bills is to use less energy.

“More than three quarters of a million homes have already had energy saving improvements installed as a result of the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal. It makes sense to go even further to help more families install measures so that they see the benefits of lower bills and a warmer home for years to come.”

The £30 million allocated for the GDHIF is part of the additional £100 million for household energy efficiency measures announced in October 2014, which is in addition to the £450 million already allocated to household energy efficiency over 2014 to 17.

In providing a fund to householders the GDHIF will create job opportunities for the energy efficiency sector as a whole, said the DECC. More than 1100 Green Deal authorised businesses are currently registered to provide work under the scheme.

Funds are limited and DECC may vary the terms of the scheme (including the incentive rates) or suspend or close the scheme, with immediate effect, without notice and at any time.

Visit the website to find out more information about how to apply for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.