The World Plumbing Council (WPC) has launched a research database on its website, allowing users to follow plumbing and water-related research efforts around the globe.

The idea is to provide a resource to all interested parties to help learn about research programmes that have been completed – or are in progress – on specific plumbing or water-related topical areas. The database also has a feature allowing users to submit recommendations for new research programmes that would contribute to growing knowledge in those subjects.

The website, which uses free and open-source ‘Wiki’-type software, is intended for use by academic researchers, students, industry, manufacturers, associations, standards-developing organisations, governmental entities or any individual interested in plumbing or water-related research programmes. In providing this resource, the WPC hopes to reduce duplication of research efforts and facilitate a new level of collaboration among researchers.

Sudhakaran Nair, WPC chairman, said: “This is a fantastic initiative and I commend all involved in its development. It provides a unique research portal for individuals, industry associations and manufacturers across the world to access and upload valuable research information.”