Energy bills are more of a concern for homeowners than paying rent or mortgage, according to a recent study carried out by DIY retail group Kingfisher.

The study revealed that 65% of the 17,000 respondents said that energy bills were their number-one worry for the future, and nearly a third have said that improving the energy efficiency of their home is a top priority.

David Taylor (pictured) from Flogas Renewables suggested “the time has now come to take action and find alternatives”.

He said: “There are now a range of renewable energy systems available and new technology has allowed manufacturers to develop products to suit a variety of locations, making them ideal for homeowners across Europe.”

However, he also warned that if alternative solutions such as solar and wind power are going to make a real difference, the government needs to commit fully to its green targets.

Mr Taylor concluded: “We use energy every day in our households, which explains why people are increasingly concerned about spiralling costs. Generating your own power eliminates these types of worries, and in a climate where there is little competition keeping the energy providers in check, we need to start positioning ourselves as a viable, sustainable, cost-effective alternative.”