Glasgow-based renewable solutions company, Absolute Solar and Wind, understand that business and homeowners across the region now need to drive down costs and increase sustainable operations.

Managing director Mark Newall discusses possible solutions.

"Businesses and consumers alike are looking for innovative, effective ways to drive down the cost of powering and heating a home, office, factory or farm. People are also drawn to renewables because of the benefits solutions, such as wind turbines or Solar PV systems, can have on the environment.

"Over the years we have developed extensive supplier relations with strong buying power ensuring that we have the ability to deliver quality products at competitive prices. As a result of our relationship with Flogas Renewables, we have access to industry acclaimed products including Northern Power Solutions and Bergey wind turbines.

Mr Newall continued: "Boosting our credibility, the team at ASAW have a multitude of experience with renewables systems, with over 10 mega watts of renewable energy installed and a thorough understanding of extensive grid connection and planning permission. We also employ an internal design team who have access to all the necessary software, which means that they can customise and optimise renewable systems for each individual customer. 

"The systems we provide include solar panels, wind turbines, and biomass. For premises that are not connected to the UK's national energy grid, and who want to generate their own on site electricity, we also provide off-grid solutions.”

He concluded: "In the future we aim to increase the number of properties that make use of renewable systems. It makes sense, not only from an economic but also an environmental viewpoint. Renewable solutions save money, and help to reduce the amount of pollution and environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels."