With the government recently announcing its 'Get In Go Far' campaign, which offers 40 new employer-designed apprenticeships in various sectors to encourage young people to think about taking one, Trade Point has put together an essential 'Tips and advice for skilled trade apprentices' guide.

It’s packed with useful information that could be handy for those looking to apply for one of a range of apprenticeships, including those in the HVAC sector, or those just about to start one. There are interviews with existing apprentices and even those who’ve made a successful career off the back of one, as well as plenty of helpful articles including:

  • Answers to some frequently asked questions

  • Advice on why apprenticeships work and how to make the most of one

  • On-site jargon and pranks to look out for

  • Advice from successful former apprentices and experienced educators

  • Average earnings comparisons for trade jobs

  • Useful telephone numbers and websites

When announcing the new government initiative, Minister of State for Skills & Equalities Nick Boles said: “There has never been a better time to consider an apprenticeship,” adding that such programmes can help young people “achieve a degree and work at some of the biggest companies in the country.”

“I would recommend any young person that isn’t sure what to do next, to look at some of the new and exciting apprenticeship opportunities available to them,” he concluded.

Government figures show 86% of people who become an apprentice stay in work afterwards, while 96% of companies who employ an apprentice see them as beneficial to their business – making the announcement of ‘Get In Go Far’ good news all round.

So, if you’ve an interest in skilled trade apprenticeships, take a look at the eBook for yourself. It might just help you to make a decision that sets you on course for a successful career.