A recent survey has thrown light on how much the British public really knows about energy.

The survey of 2,058 British adults, conducted by polling consultancy ComRes on behalf of the National Energy Foundation (NEF), found that:

The survey was commissioned as background to the launch of the NEF’s ‘Working together towards an energy-literate UK’ programme.

Kerry Mashford, chief executive of the NEF, said: “Improving the use of energy in buildings is the National Energy Foundation’s overarching objective. Over the past few months, we’ve been giving some serious thought to the big energy issues facing the UK, with a view to achieving significant impact in terms of reducing energy consumption, improving energy security and reducing fuel poverty.

“These survey results confirm that action needs to be taken to inform and empower individuals and organisations.”

On Wednesday 17 September, the NEF held a reception at Dame Mary Archer’s London penthouse to announce the full results of the survey and share ideas to address the issues raised.