The Gas Safety Trust has released details of 'hot spots' for CO incidents.

The Gas Safety Trust has released a report revealing that official carbon monoxide (CO) incident figures relating to gas used for domestic purposes do not offer the

Mary Benwell, chair of the Trust, said: "While deaths and serious injuries are relatively straightforward to record since they derive from statutory investigations, such 'tip of the iceberg' data does not reveal the extent of what might be termed as 'near misses'."

Benwell added: "The records do not capture information about the number of people who are unwittingly exposed to low levels of CO poisoning, levels that may cause long-term ill health but go undetected."

Regionally, London, Wales, Devon, and Yorkshire top the league for incidents during 2009 to 2010. But when population size is considered, Dorset and Staffordshire become more prominent and London slips down the rankings.

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