The summer months often present a challenge where personal protective equipment (PPE) is concerned, because it can be tempting for workers to take off hard hats and high visibility or protective clothing in order to cool down.

Employers have to accept that employees don’t like wearing clothing that is uncomfortable or ill fitting – and ultimately, PPE is completely pointless if staff aren’t going to wear it.

When buying PPE, we always advise employers to consider the materials the product is made from, the style and fit, as well as the overall design. There is a huge range of materials to choose from that are specifically designed to keep the wearer cool and dry while being tough and long lasting. However, in some cases it may be necessary to offer employees more than one brand or style in order to cater for everyone, and it is often beneficial to include key members of the team in the decision-making process when buying PPE.

Many workplaces are also introducing incentive programmes and safety committees that encourage employees to look out for colleagues and speak out when they see potentially dangerous activities, or people flouting rules surrounding PPE. These types of initiative can have an immediate impact on both safety standards and PPE.


Lee Wright is marketing director of Slingsby.