A review organised by the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) is being held in the House of Lords on 17 July, 2014.

Claire Heyes, CEO of the AGSM, said: “Collectively, housing organisations and suppliers spend thousands of man hours in the development, submission and assessment of lengthy pre-qualification questionnaires and invitations to tender, with little value being added to the supply chain for either party, or for the tenant. The figures for cost versus benefit of the current processes just do not stack up.

"A survey of members of the AGSM told us that the supply chain is lacking innovation and that they didn’t believe the current model is effective or sustainable.

“We know that millions of tenants are living in fuel poverty. This situation seems unjustifiable when the industry is not being as efficient as it could be in the spending of public money.”

At the review, oral evidence will be gathered from the stakeholders to examine the processes and examine ways to streamline, simplify and share information across the sector’s supply chain.

Lord Redesdale said: “The procurement process appears to have unnecessary bureaucracy and is potentially wasting millions of pounds of public money. A review is much needed and the input from a representation of a wide range of stakeholders is very welcome.”