Trade Skills 4 U reports that the construction industry is continuing to see a return to growth, which will have an impact on electricians who will see an greater demand for their skills.

According to Glenigan, construction industry intelligence specialists, confidence in the construction industry is increasing in growth in both the office sctor and housing sectors, since the earlier forecast in January of this year.

Office projects are up by 34%, and are the strongest performer amongst construction projects. Retail projects have increased by 20%, with hotels and leisure up by 15% from one year ago.

Private housing is also a key driver of increasing construction activity, whereas projects reliant on public money are starting to fall.

Trade Skills 4 U believe this growing activity will affect the demand for electricians. In October 2013 it was reported than an ageing workforce could lead to a shortage of electricians, so alongside this construction industry growth, it could be difficult to feed the demand for qualified electricians and installers in the future.

However, according to Trade Skills 4 U, this will open up a wealth of opportunity for newly qualified electricians to enter the industry.